The Best Yoga Shorts

Best for Tummy Control

BALEAF Women's 8" /5" /2" High Waist Workout Yoga Running Compression Shorts

What We Liked: 

Let’s face it — some yoga shorts just aren’t flattering. You won’t have to worry about that with these shorts. These tummy-tucking yoga shorts are high waisted and come with plenty of control, so you never have to worry about showing off your food baby while doing a little downward dog. Plus — it has pockets! Get it here.

Best for the Busy Yogi

ODODOS High Waist Out Pocket Yoga Short

What We Liked: 

Leave your embarrassment at the door. You’ll never need to hide when you pick up the kids at school after yoga class — so long as you’re wearing these shorts. These shorts are stylish and perfectly suitable for the busy yogi who has to fit yoga class in between runs to the grocery store or to pick up the kids. Pair them with a sweat-wicking athletic shirt and some stylish kicks and no one will know you were just at the gym. Pick them here.

Best for Showing Off Your Best Assets 

Helisopus Womens Stretch Solid Athletic Shorts 

What We Liked: 

You’ve worked hard for that body; don’t hide it behind ratty old gym clothes. These shorts are super cute, made from high-quality fabrics and fit sleek and tight. They contour to the natural shape of your body and are on the shorter side, for those days when you’re feeling particularly confident. Available now.

Best for Heavy Lifters

90 Degree By Reflex - Power Flex Yoga Shorts

What We Like: 

Maybe you don’t go to yoga to relax. Maybe you’re there to work up a sweat and you need some shorts that can stand up to the pressure. Look no further. These yoga shorts are super flexible, with a sleek fit and an interlocked hem. This means that they’ll never roll up when you’re working your hardest and they can easily take on not just your hardest yoga workout, but any other challenge you’re up against, too. Buy them today.

Best for the Casual Yogi

SweatyRocks Camouflage Women's Workout Yoga Hot Shorts

What We Liked:

Go from the yoga mat to the bed, no worries needed. These cute yoga shorts not only come in plenty of fun designs, but they’re also super comfortable, with no tight waistbands or hot, sweaty seams. If you prefer to do your yoga at home, then take your shorts with you to the couch or bed, this option is for you. Get them here.

Best for All Activities

Homma Women's Seamless Compression Heathered Yoga Shorts

What We Like: 

Maybe yoga is your fav workout, but that doesn’t mean it’s your only workout. These yoga shorts aren’t just good for yoga. They also translate nicely to a variety of other sports and workouts, whether you prefer biking, running, hiking or just jamming to your favorite tunes on the elliptical machine at the gym. The fabric provides a good mix of compression, shaping and moisture management, so you’re covered no matter what you do. Get them here.


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